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The first NIBIO-conference was hosted at X Meeting Point on Hellerudsletta, 13th and 14th of february 2018. The conference had a total of 366 participants.

The program was built around the themes of food, environment and opportunities, and the focus was on increased knowledge in all these areas.

Norsk institutt for bioøkonomi (NIBIO)

Project services
Design, print, project management


Project brief

Our meeting with the client established that they wanted a separate identity for the conference, but still something that would reflect what the company stands for.

We had only 2 weeks to establish a visual identity, before moving on to the conference program and other print productions.

Me and a colleague set out to create at least one draft that showcased the use of the new visual identity. We would send it as a presentation to the client – Who ended up choosing my contribution as the most suitable, so the project management was from there my responsibility.

About the client

NIBIO researches and delivers knowledge about food and plant production, environment, maps, land use, gene resources, forest, enterprise, business and social economy.



Keeping the research phase short and to the point, due to short production time. I collected imagery from conferences and companies doing similar things.

I also looked at their current identity to see if I could expand on some elements of it.

Logo sketches

Exploring ideas with elements from science and biology.

Logo drafts

As usual I send the client three drafts of the logo design.


I focused on a lot of different mockups here to help the client's imagination, and to actually just show them what it could be like to have this identity come to life.

Finished Product

Logo design


You can see the whole program here.

Promotional products


The conference as well as the visual identity has recieved many praises from company attendees. It has been hosted again in 2019 and 2020 with slight variations in the visuals.

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